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    Cirrus® Console

    Our Cirrus® Console with stacking for multi-station groups eliminates hardware costs and automatically shakes hands with any broadcast automation system or playlist program.

    Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster

    Download our free Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster app in Google Play to broadcast live from any remote location. No hardware or equipment... just your Android device running OS 4.1+.


  • Any playlist program
  • Any studio automation format
  • Cloud-based streaming and hosting
  • Host your encoder/playlist
  • Royalty accounting and reporting
  • Song rating reporting
  • Song requests
  • Stats and market metrics reports
  • Stream backup
  • Stream down notifications via email or text
  • Stream Advertising

  • Desktop & Mobile
  • A/V mid-roll inserts
  • Ad Delivery Network
  • Ad replacement-insertion (free)
  • Banner ad slots (multiple)
  • Geo-fencing
  • Geo-restriction
  • Geo-targeting
  • Player skin takeover
  • Pre-roll - audio/video/banner
  • Player

  • HE-AACv2 (formerly AAC+) by Fraunhofer
  • Artist, track, album in player
  • Auto Recording
  • Black-outs and white-listing
  • Buy Song
  • Customize player skin easily
  • Display album art
  • Display your own custom album art
  • Easy and simple player editing
  • Embed players anywhere
  • Embed playlists anywhere
  • Embed schedule in player
  • Facebook integration
  • Free custom iOS and Android streaming apps
  • In-car song info via Bluetooth
  • Interactive player apps
  • Live social feeds embedded onto desktop player and apps
  • Multi-station players
  • Password protection
  • Player Access Control
  • Player chat
  • Player doubles as a website
  • Send to mobile
  • Share player
  • Song rating
  • Stream backup on mobile apps
  • Stream on-demand audio/video
  • Stream on-demand to mobile
  • Stream to all desktops
  • Stream to all major browsers
  • Stream to all mobile phones and tablets
  • StreamBlock stream protection
  • Media

  • Artist, track, album on your site (real-time)
  • Data collection - mailing lists
  • Facebook integration
  • Mixxx Playlist Manager (free)
  • Playlist with interactive history
  • Podcasting
  • Royalty reporting
  • Song lyrics
  • Song sharing
  • Twitter song list output

  • See more features here

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Proud Member:

Customer Comments

  • This solution for streaming is very flexible and user friendly. I am very pleased to offer our listeners streaming that allows easy access no matter the platform or location. Great work to you and your team. And your support has been stellar!

    Fox Sports 730
    HRN Broadcasting

  • I did use the link below and got the answer back in nanoseconds.
    I have been with securenet for 10 years and there has only been 2 times when we had problem (once some dll's got corrupted and the other was the database upgrade last year) but all the tech support issues have always been answered promptly and well.

    Kevin Condon

  • Diego,
    Just a note of appreciation for you and your firm's services. You've been outstanding in the attention you've given us from the start and your technical support team has been equally helpful and responsive, such that we have made the decision to stop using Abacast and will solely be relying on Securenet for all our streaming solutions. Thanks very much.

    Tom Hartland
    KMUN Astoria

  • The structured ad insertion is great, good job!

    Paul Carroll
    Steel City Media

  • We're impressed with the offerings you guys have obviously worked hard to create. Love the options and little treats you include. Very forward-thinking!

    Tim Abraham
    Interactive Manager
    Midwest Family Broadcasting

  • Jennifer,
    Great work on the apps, you guys are simply just great, I loved it!!

    Solomon O. Onita
    Executive Director
    Liveway Satellite Radio

  • Diego,
    Thank you very much for all your help. It was very easy to install the software and with the player your company provides, itÂ’s even better than what we had before!
    The iPhone app will be so cool for our listeners!

    Thank you!!
    Carlos Carmona

  • Hi Skye!
    I hope you are doing well and with the website and streaming we have had a tremendous increase in our listening audience thanks to the streaming and website you and the Securenet team created.
    I will say again that thanks to you and the staff of Securenet Systems, we have had tremendous hits from all over the world and in the community.

    Ryan Wiley
    PD / WDEK 1170 AM

  • I just wanted to send a special thanks to Jennifer Grant who assisted me in setting up my Andriod app, after I had difficulties doing it on my own. She literally hand walked me through it. This is a new experience for me, but I'm so comfortable knowing that I can actually talk to someone other than filling out a help ticket.

    Securenet Rocks,
    Joe Runnels
    JMAC Studios

  • Thank you for keeping me informed, you guys are excellent by the way, and your tech guys are all top notch.

    Gene Harris

  • Sweet!
    Player looks really great. Glad we took time to investigate this all the way through! Thank you!

    Bob Thornton

  • ...also, we LOVE the service! Very happy we made the change.

    Jim Jacobs
    Jacobs Broadcast Group, Inc.

  • Skye, It looks and sounds great. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into it. We really appreciate it.

    WMTD 1380 AM

  • We have been hugely impressed with our experience with Securenet Systems and IÂ’m sharing our good experience with three more radio stations. And, IÂ’ll continue to do so with the many Christian radio station managers I come in contact with. Many thanks, also, for those informative emails you send regarding statistics for streaming. Those are helpful!

    Joe Emert
    New Life FM/WMVV

  • Got it. Thanks much for your great customer service!

    Ken Connors
    Radio Free Jacksonville

  • You guys have been great! I really appreciate your time and patience with me and my radio station. Your help is making it possible for me to present a professional looking and sounding radio station.


  • Yes, thank you. Korey logged in to my computer, found and fixed the problem very quickly and even tweaked my settings to give me a better sound quality. He was as helpful as any tech support person I have ever dealt with anywhere and he really got me out of a jam.

    Chris Wright
    Rock 105.9 & Rock 98.3

  • I like the way you guys do things already. This feels like a much more professional organization and affordable even with the unlimited plan.


  • We're streaming! Thanks guys, it's all set up and running. Couldn't be easier. Didn't have to forward ports on the router or deal with any of that, very nice system!

    John Z.
    KOWZ / KRUE Radio

  • Everything is now working at 100%. Again I would like to say thanks to you and everyone at Securenet who helped us get this off of the ground.. We really do appreciate your help!

    Mike Taylor
    Assistant PD
    Ranch Radio Group

  • I love your players. They are the best IÂ’ve ever seen!

    PD, MSB Radio

  • I want to thank you all for providing superior technical support and excellent customer service!
    One of my clients is in the process of moving his hosting over to you, and you were very thorough and quick in assisting him. It's really a pleasure to work with you all.

    Jeffrey Rozenberg
    The Right Byte, Inc.

  • Thank you all for making us sound so AWESOME!!!

    Robin Lais

  • Cathy, you are awesome! Thank you for your promptness and attention to detail. Really appreciate you staying on top of this! Hope you have a most excellent weekend!

    Sara Snyder

  • I listen to many of the streams of our affiliate stations and I'm noticing many are on Securenet :)
    The majority of the stations I've checked are on SSI. A few are on Liquid Compass and other services with terrible players.
    You guys have really made some waves, and we're happy to be with you!

    Steve Hamilton
    MediAlchemy, LLC - CEO

  • Thank you for all the increased features! Our stream programming continues to sound excellent thanks in part to your consistent and experienced support staff. Thanks again for providing us new and innovative features that puts us ahead of the curve technologically....and even farther ahead of our competitors!

    Greg Peiffer
    WPCR Radio

  • First off love everything about the company the way you guys run it is awesome, not to mention love both apps and the sound quality of my station is amazing thanks to you guys!


  • Hey things really sound great. Audio sounds so much better than Live 365... thanks for a great sounding stream!


  • were right! The station sounds great in 48k AAC+ compared it with my old MP3 128k stream. I canÂ’t tell any difference. Maybe your stream sounds a little better.

    Frank Eriksen

  • I would like to thank your staff for being so helpful and on top of things today. Many thanks from all of us here at WKXN!!!

    Chelli Merrett
    Manager, WKXN FM

  • Hey guys, thanks for your prompt attention to our needs. We're looking forward to working with you and Securenet Systems!

    Market Manager, The Radio Stations

  • I just wanted to let you know that Brad in Tech Support is a great guy and a real asset to your Company...another reason I'm loyal to Securenet and refer the stations that I consult your way for streaming services.
    Thanks again for all your help! You made it easy!

    Greg Peiffer
    Ottawa Broadcasting LLC

  • We are loving your service...If you ever need a testimonial just let me know. I will let you know when we are ready to fire #2 up! If you have any questions please give me a call.

    Steve Niemeyer

  • Nick, Your response is most appreciated. I am impressed with the customer service practiced by Securenet Systems.

    Steve Hopp
    WNAV Radio

  • Since I have been using your service, I have experienced an increase in listenership and more traffic to my stations' websites. Thanks to the amazing work you and your staff invested to ensure that I get the best service.

    Delroy Souden
    EnSound Radio

  • People are raving about the sound quality of the player.
    This is a world class system. Very excited!

    Carl Horton
    Horton Technologies LLC

  • Cathy C, you’re awesome! All of you are great, thank you for the quick work. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Sara Snyder
    KCDZ Z107.7

  • I have it working now. Thanks for your help and I must say we are VERY IMPRESSED already with your tech support! Have a great weekend!

    Dick Williams

  • Diego - Congrats for your 8 yrs at Securenet Systems. You guys rock! Oh and thanks for all your help over the past 2 yrs Buddy!

    Joshua Knisely
    Hits24 FM

  • Thanks guys for putting up the Facebook page...You guys run a great operation and have contributed to our wild success!

    Greg Peiffer

  • Everyone did a great job answering all our questions and getting us set up. I must say, I am very impressed with your service and its affordability. Your service is far superior to our previous provider, and at a fraction of the cost. I wish we had made the switch sooner!

    Jeremiah Thieman
    CSN International

  • I just want to say that Chris in technical support is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Your tech support is much better than our last provider. We are very happy with the few calls weÂ’ve had to place to technical support there.

    Jeff Tyler
    Night Watch

  • Hope all is well with everyone. We had a little issue with the website, which went down today. I want to compliment both your support and billing girls - they were both super nice and resolved everything quickly and easily. Anyway, your people got us back up and running immediately and payment is on the way. We're back on track!

    Baden Griffin

  • The reports look like exactly what I will need for Sound Exchange. I also want you to know about the great assistance I received from your tech support team. They always returned my e-mails and calls timely and went above and beyond to get our stream working properly.


  • Thanks a lot. Great customer service! Have a good weekend too.

    Gary McKenney

  • I have really learned how to use the statistics you provide to help me sell. Your system is pivotal to our growth since entering the Palm Springs Market with one of our stations.

    Gary De Maroney
    Copper Mountain Broadcasting

  • Thanks for the fast work on our streaming project. We appreciate it!

    KLBB Radio

  • WeÂ’re up and running. The interface is easy and tech support is great! IÂ’m still tweaking the html to fit the player into our home page. YouÂ’re right - AAC+ does sound better!

    Robert Roe
    WFTM - AM/FM

  • Thanks again. Tell your programming folks we really appreciate the quick response! I know our advertisers will be pleased.

    Richard Hawkins
    Christian Faith Broadcast

  • Wow! You guys make me happy! :) Let me know if there is anything I can do for you! So far I am telling everyone that you're the best streaming company and I hope I will bring you more customers!

    Edward Rusa

  • PS. The streaming continues to be delightfully reliable since we went to static IP and made the other changes. I am very pleased.


  • Working awesome thanks so much to all you guys.
    The sound is amazing. UStream sounded like an old broken down AM station!

    Joe Ortega

  • Gary,
    I just wanted to let you know that your customer support has been a god send and the most helpful bunch of people I have ever come across.
    I am really looking forward to working with your company for many years to come!

    Dan Uff
    WDMU Radio

  • Thanks for sorting out everything, the service is very good, we are glad we opted for you guys! Your tech support is very efficient!

    Radio Youthology, UK

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeexcellent! Thank you! I have downloaded the Encoder and am ready to go when you are! Awesome service!

    Cecilia K. Burhagen
    Radio Scandinavia

  • Diego It's a pleasure working with professionals and thanks for helping us grow!

    William 'Ray' Gibson
    Sorensen Media Group
    Hagatna, Guam

  • Thank you so much. I have been very pleased with this service. It was the most reliable I had over the almost five years. I don't recall it ever being unavailable and that's saying something.

    David Snavely

  • Thanks so much for your help. Chris has done an outstanding job in helping me resolve the streaming sound problem. Please insure he gets his pat on the back.

    Randy Guillory
    Sports Director, KVPI AM/FM

  • Skye,
    Also I wanted to pass along that my boss Grant couldn't be happier with the mobile apps and already is talking to me about getting another one of our stations setup with you!

    Spencer Roser
    Professional Media Services

  • Sometimes the longevity and progression say a lot about a company and the folks in it. Your services have been good in my experience!

    Aric Lemieux
    DJ 911

  • David from Heartbeat FM just emailed me about coming aboard. Thanks for your hard work.

    Mike Mann
    Zeus Broadcasting Group LLC

  • Just wanted to note to you that we are well pleased with Securenet Streaming. Thanks again for great price, setup and support.

    Bob Carubia
    LoL Radio

  • Just a follow up on the issue we had with our broadcast, thank all of you and compliments to your staff on the fast turn-around and problem solving.
    Hats off to you all! We are Live again
    Best Regards

    Joseph Dobzynski
    Amanatee Group LLC

  • Thank you very much for your help answering my questions! Wow - your compression ratio is apparently quite good and the nice thing is that it doesn't affect the audio quality!
    Again, many thanks!
    Have a GREAT day!

    George Blessings
    Riverfront Broadcasting

  • Oh, and thank you very much!! A local guy here's been after me to switch, but because your service is so reliable, I tend to stick with people like you.
    Bruce Collier

    WHYL Radio

  • Thanks a million Chris!
    I assume this eMail comes from Chris. If not, thank you very much anyway. It saved me many hours of work.
    Thanks again for all of your help!

    Tom Donahue

  • Good Morning,
    The iPhone app looks great and sounds great.
    Thanks for a great product!


  • We have been streaming now for the last day and a half, and the feed quality is amazing. I have compared our on-air feed to other radio stations in our area and ours is the best.

    Rob Mitchell

  • of the main reasons was cost! You offer free apps with a streaming package. Also, I find your control panel / admin area very easy to use and to configure. Overall, you guys have better customer service, more abilities, and better pricing. And in this economy, I feel price is everything.

    Braden Smith

  • We are already carrying your program and are streaming our TV signal as well. In addition we are leasing a server from you to host our domains. We are very pleased with the arrangement, and I want to take this opportunity to tell you that you guys do a great job!

    Benji Carle

  • Wow - That was easy... and sounds nice, too!
    If you have any other suggestions for us, let me know.

    Steve Coston

  • As always. You guys are top notch.

    Maximilian Duke, Manager
    Interactive Media WPBT Channel 2

  • This is a short note to thank you for providing the Windows Media Player Stream for WQMA radio. Thank you again for providing this service.

    Roy Schultz

  • We are now using your company for our Primary Radio Stations web audio server.
    Long road traveled to get here.

    Paul Carroll

  • I wanted to thank your company for helping with the malware problem we had. Your fast response was very much appreciated. Warm wishes.


  • Hi,
    I'm going to set up the AAC Plus this morning...have a great Labor Day weekend. Great service and people!


  • I can't tell you how pleased and impressed I am. The way you have offered the options, makes it easy and clear. Great job. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your willing attitude and thank you for your responsive action!

    Stephen Hopp
    V.P. / GM
    Sajak Broadcasting Corporation

  • Setup was phenomenally easy with your streaming. We don't have service interruptions like we did with SurferNetwork.
    Everyone is going crazy over our new smartphone apps. I just checked out our listener stats and they are much higher than with SurferNetwork... Our listeners must also be satisfied with the quality of service from you guys because they're tuning in longer and more often.

    Leisa Rae

  • I know I've asked many questions, and I'm afraid there are many to come :)
    So thank you for your patience and dedicated customer service. We are very pleased with you, Wonderful, thank you!

    Mokhtar Eljilani
    Production Manager
    Tripoli FM

  • Hi Diego, Your information is very much appreciated and very encouraging! Man, for as much as we have been through 'on our long and rough road' with this, itÂ’s definitely nice to know that youÂ’ll be working with us! Much Appreciated!


  • Muchos gracias! You guys are amazing!
    THANKS. This is very much appreciated!

    Joe Bohne
    POP4 Radio

  • Thank you so much. I'm very satisfied with your company.
    You rock! I'll send everyone I know your way!

    Troy Wilde
    The Troy Wilde Morning Show

  • Thanks Diego for that great service. Now I am real happy to have found you!

    Imaculix GmbH
    Zurich, Switzerland

  • ...I want to thank you for all the time youÂ’ve given to me and my staff in working through this transition. YouÂ’ve always been prompt and thorough in your answers.

    Jeff Bean, WCRH

  • I just wanted to say how glad we are that we found you - actually you found us!
    Jeffry Bean

    WCRH 90.5

  • Glad we got that all straightened out thanks for all of the help today! Excellent customer service!

    Scorpion Radio Group

  • I have submitted applications for our Android and Apple Apps. The new online submission forms are great. The preview before submission is a huge help. With that new feature we were able to detect an issue with a background image before submitting it.

    Spencer Roser
    IT Department
    Roser Communications Inc.

  • Hope all is well. Thanx for the wonderful streaming service. We and our listeners are enjoying the quality and reliability of the streaming and the apps!

    Hazem Abu-Lughod

  • I can't tell you how pleased I am with your company's service. The tech support has been right-on and always available, and your account management for us has been attentive, informed and great. Looking forward to a long relationship.

    David Snavely, Owner
    WIXI 1360 Jasper, AL

  • Thanks for all your help today Diego and for hooking us up with the new AAC+ & MP3 streams. Look forward to working more with you!

    Anibal Rosado
    Executive Director, Digital Products
    Townsquare Media

  • Hey Kerry, Love the streaming! It is a vast improvement on our previous player. I have nothing but positive things to say about it!

    Chris Smith
    Program Director WNXT AM/FM

  • Thanks very much to you and Diego who was extremely courteous and helpful (so much so that we stopped shopping immediately and went with you guys).

    Rich Keith

  • It was good to talk to you, and thank you for the info. This will be awesome - working with you and your company. Thanks again!

    Ann Jewell

  • Good morning!
    As you know, we have (thankfully) returned to Securenet Systems for our web streaming, and, I must say, that the audio quality ROCKS! That encoder sure does a nice job!

    Thanks and have a GREAT day!
    George Blessing

  • Thanks so much for your help with all this. It's been a real pleasure dealing with you. I really appreciate everything.

    Aftershock, AU

  • Just wanted to say thanks again to you and all the staff at Securenet Systems. We have moved the streams over and everything is working great! You all are the best!


  • Thanks for your continued help to make Scorpion Radio Group everything we envision. Your prompt service at getting the Streamer and DCS up allowed us to meet a "stupid tight" deadline for getting the station on the air! You Guys ROCK!!!


  • I've intended to call or e-mail to let you know how pleased we are with your service thus far. The boss (George Buck) is really enjoying hearing us in New Orleans. He can't believe the good quality of sound!

    Tom Gentry
    General Manager, WNMX-FM

  • Chris K, you are the man, and I thank you for answering all of this stuff for me. That is outstanding tech support, I'm very happy and very impressed with the response!
    Thanks again for your help!

    John Z

  • Thank you for sending us the link for the Android app which we have placed on our website.
    Our President, Nitika Singh, asked me to convey her thanks to you and your team for all your kind assistance in getting this done especially in such a timely manner!

    Rohit Singh
    Easy96 Business News

  • Gary, everything looks great!! Thanks for the lightning fast response. You guys are the best!!!

    Crawford Grimsley
    Digital Seminar Solutions

  • Yes, we are streaming audio and also on demand and are very happy customers!
    Thanks for taking time out to check.


  • Gary, Thanks for all the help you provided when I was setting up your Radio Streaming service. It is really great and we are getting our sales force up on the banners and make some money now.

    Brian C. Edwards
    New World Radio Group

  • Hey Diego, Chris Smith here, I am the Program Director and main contact for the streaming. I set it up with no problems and everything is working great! Thanks for the service and help.

    Chris Smith

  • Well thank you very much for your help today. This is the best experience I have had with Securenet by far!!

    Michael Bonnell

  • This is just to say how happy I am streaming my radio station on the Securenet Systems Network. To say this is a good streaming network would be an understatement. I would have to use a much stronger word than good. Maybe incredibly awesome would be more fitting.

    Walter Ross
    A very satisfied subscriber

  • You simply ROCK!!!! Kevin got this thing on line today and we're golden!!!

    Bob 'Steele' Rappleye
    Scorpion Radio Group

  • Gary,
    I wanted to forward this to thank your support staff. This seemed like an obscure problem that was not easy to nail down, but they dug right in and found the problem and are working to correct it. I just wanted to compliment them and wanted you to know how much I appreciate their efforts!

    Matt Smith
    1010 AM WSPC

  • BTW, I'm loving your streaming service. Works great and I'm finding it available on diverse platforms (via TuneIn).
    I just made it play WIQQ's stream on my new Amazon Echo! I just said, "Alexa, play radio station WIQQ." Within 3 seconds it was playing.

    Kirk Harnack, CBRE

  • Thanks a ton for all you do we ride or die with the new station is yours...the best with the best we can't lose!

    WPVT 101.5

  • Diego,
    Thanks again and I appreciate everything that you have done for me. You've been a great partner with us and I would recommend you guys to anybody!

    Eddy Aragon

  • I know I'm quick to call about a issue and in that same regard, I'm quick to say thank you and express gratitude. Chris picked up past midnight and we are very impressed with you guys. You said you would be there for us anytime and you delivered.

    Dash Radio

  • Thanks Diego, sorted. Will enquire for on-demand live video streaming. Excellent service from your team.

    Tafadzwa Chingwe

  • We have the FM stream up and running. It has been a pleasure setting this up; it is very user friendly!
    Thanks for everything!

    Michael Holderfield

  • Thanks again for your patience, support and professionalism.

    Miranda Marketing

  • Hey Skye,
    So I see the app was approved by Apple, tried the app and it works fine.
    Looks great, kudos to you and your team!

    Kiko, Betelnut Radio

  • What a star you are Diego...WeÂ’re almost there now. Can I ask you to confirm when the stats are up there? Many thanks again.

    Heartbeat FM

  • I have got the banners up on to the player, and wow so easy to do it's great.


  • Let's get started migrating back to Securenet! I'm impressed...all the new features of the player. Securenet's new player is the most feature-rich in the radio streaming marketplace today! Even the most expensive from LiquidCompass doesn't appear to be as comprehensive and I've detected no compatibility issues like we're having with SurferNetwork.
    Again, thank you!

    Marvin Walther
    Chief Engineer
    Carroll Broadcasting

  • I am most impressed with the speed and service IÂ’ve received today both from yourself and your technical and web design people...I look forward to continuing to work with you further.

    Heart Beat FM

  • That is awesome! I just submitted the info. I have been telling people about your streaming. I like it better than anyone else I have ever used!

    DJ Steen

  • Hey Gary - thanks for everything so far! I am enjoying doing business with you and your company.
    I haven't had a question that hasn't been answered. Skye is awesome.

    Roger Allen

  • You are welcome! You all treat me very well and I appreciate it so much. I always put the word out. I believe you all are the best!

    Anthony McCardell
    INNE Radio

  • Just signed up and poked around a bit. Very intuitive and clean… so nice! I’m looping in our digital guy and engineer.
    Very excited to see the layout on the back-end.

    Marc Young
    Riviera Broadcasting

  • Awesome!...Thanks so much for your help. Even though this was really not your issue at all you were very helpful in helping us get this resolved. It's hard to get good service these days...thanks for the refreshing reminder that it still exists.

    Xavier Rodriguez

  • You guys are the best!

    Robert Roe

  • I want to thank you and your staff for keeping Jazz Beats Radio streaming.
    I just wanted to let you know that we have accomplished being nominated and made it to the finals with the Black Women in Jazz and Arts.
    I look forward to growing with your company.

    Darrel Davis

  • Yeah I understand, we'll make the right adjustments to solve that issue. You & Securenet are the best I ever worked with!

    DJ Zip
    MRLO Radio

  • To everyone that helped get me back online - Thank You Thank You Thank You! Your Tech guys rock! :) Have a wonderful day!

    Marti Ashcraft, Operations Manager

  • Hey Diego
    I would just like to thank you for making this transition a really easy and pleasant experience. You and your team have been very helpful and exceeded our expectations so far.
    Please send a thanks to the rest of your team!

    Kind Regards
    Matt Hallowes

  • Awesome, thanks Skye! Securenet has the best support staff I have ever seen.

    Jody Lee Caudle
    General Manager
    KWBY 107.9 & 98.5

  • We have never had a better stream. Always up and always clean! The numbers you provide for us are accurate and very up to date. So thank you for giving us a great service!

    Shawn Kelly
    Program Director

  • Your tech person called up, went remotely into our computer, setup the new encoder, and setup the settings. He did an excellent job that was complete in just a few minutes. We are all set! Thanks!

    Curtis Wright
    Executive Producer
    WMYT 106.7 FM

  • Your team is very awesome!! They have helped me out so much the last few weeks to get me back live.

    Stacey Kline

Radio Streaming Services

With radio streaming, you can stream live or on-demand world-wideStart streaming your radio broadcast or content live on the internet with your own easy-to-use, feature-rich web player.

Whether you're a terrestrial radio station or an internet broadcaster, our Cirrus® Player is fully customizable. Stream in HE-AACv2 and reach all desktops and browsers.

We provide every station with free iOS and Android streaming apps that are fully customizable with skins, logo, advertising, and more.

Your listeners can listen on the go anywhere, on any device; PCs, smartphones, devices, radio dashboards, and listener feeds like Tunein and iHeart.

With our Cirrus® Player, you can:

  • Upload your own player skin or use one of our eye-catching designs
  • Upload your station's logo
  • Add up to 5 custom radio buttons to link to an external webpage or internal player content page
  • Create a station homepage, which acts like a webpage within the player
  • Add contact information for listeners
  • Integrate your social feeds from Facebook and Twitter
  • Upload content for on-demand streaming and podcasting
  • Stream live video using Ustream
  • Automatically schedule to record your live stream
  • Add tons of 'player apps' for listener-interaction
  • Group multiple stations into one player and iOS/Android app
  • Create full advertising campaigns for banner prerolls, video or audio prerolls, in-player banners, and free ad replacement for video or audio
  • Participate in Securenet Systems' Ad Delivery Network and turn your inventory over to us to display ads from top brand-name advertisers; revenue is split 50/50
  • Receive free streaming apps for iOS and Android

Our streaming plans are based on the number of simultaneous listeners. You pay for the amount of listeners you want - that's it. When you stream with us, you can be sure there are...

  • No contracts
  • No hidden renewal clauses
  • No sign-up fees
  • No overage fees
  • No storage fees
  • No reconnect fees

We work with most studio automation systems and all playlist programs. When you integrate our DCS (data capture software), we provide free royalty tracking, twitter feeds, playlist history, album artwork, song lyrics, buy now feature, free ad replacement and insertion and much more! You have the option to use our free Cirrus® Console which includes our DCS (Data Capture Software), encoder, and Mixxx playlist program that works effortlessly together. If you'd like, you can even just use our Cirrus® Console without Mixxx. Contact us for more information on this!

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